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We are presently looking at compiling data involved in the operation of instrument installations.

The data would include:Loop drawings,Schedules procedures,Risk assessments,Calibration and parts history,Part list with part numbers,Manufactures contact details,Instruction manuals and data sheets

    In total all the documentation you can think of. All the information will be in html format, which can be easily printed or stored on a dongle.

    A dongle being the size of key ring can be kept by all personnel involved with the instruments on plant for instant accesses to any or all the information that may be required 24/7. Having instant access to all the documentation will reduce the time spent by staff looking for data they need and so in turn the plants will run more efficiently.

    All that you would need is, access to a computer running windows operating system and fitted with a USB port.

    The system would have the advantage of being updated in seconds from a master file and if the engineer or instrument tech replaces any item the system would know automatically for the next person.

    The right way forward with Airwell
    We have started work on an upgrade to the reference electrode, the most common reason for pH and redox errors and failures. The upgrade will incorporate some of the know-how from the big analytical manufactures and some know-how and data from Airwell.

    Supplying a reference electrode that significantly out lasts the standard probes on the market appears to us to be the right way forward. We suspect that some of the other manufactures know how to do this now, but it seems they must look after their mortgage payments first.

    We can get that from Airwell
    Airwell have set up a supply link with the US to extend the range of products available to you.

    One US manufacturer that has only traded with some of the big analytical players is now supplying Airwell direct.

    With Airwell working together with an OEM company of it’s magnitude, puts Airwell on a more even keel with other big analytical companies who are also being supplied from the same point. This helps us all, providing the latest selection of products available to you from Airwell direct.

    With your help and support in the future, Airwell Measurements Ltd can supply the range of electrodes and instruments that you are looking for, and we think, better than any one manufacturer alone (however big), because Airwell supplies all the manufacturers electrodes and instruments or equivalents from one point of sale.

    Simply send your contact details to Airwell with any request you may have and let us see if we can help.

    Remember it costs nothing to ask.