1/2 Cell pH Electrode
Dimension :12x120mm Connector :PG 13.5 Euro cap
Temp Range :0-90 deg Pressure :10 Bar
Impedence :<150 MOhms Reference :against 5710
Part No. :SSS-5610 Body: Glass
Order Ref No: 1-01-03-001-001 List Price Ex VAT £85.00
Key facts
  • High quality Ag/AgCl pin ref system
  • pH range 0-14
  • under Isothermal point 7.00pH = 0mV
  • Fast response to pH changes
  • Universal electrode for majority of applications.
The heart of a pH measurment loop is the electrode system. With this range of innovative glass membrain design ensures that heart keeps beating under the most servere of conditions.
ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ATEX 95 or ATEX 100A