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Reference Electrode
Dimension :12x120mm Connector :YOKOGAWA
Temp Range :0-90 deg Pressure :10 Bar @25 deg C
Impedence :<50 MOhms Reference :against 5610
Body: Polymer (Active)
Part No. :YG-5710
Key facts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Completely contained Electrolyte
  • Suitable for Sterilization Systems
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Cost Effective Solution
The new reference electrode with it innovative approach to pH and redox measurement. The secret of the Refex system is that the reference electrolyte is immobilized in an ionic ally conducting hard polymer. The new immobilized electrolyte is non-porous replacing the traditional liquid junction found in all conventional electrodes. This significant advance in electrode technology and design offers a multitude of benefits to the user
ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ATEX 95 or ATEX 100A